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Let’s be honest here, folks: We can go ahead and change the headline above.

There’s really no need for a question mark there.

On stage for a medley of her own hits at the 2019 ACM Awards in Las Vegas, Miranda Lambert absolutely hurled a bit of shade at ex-husband Blake Shelton when she changed up a lyric from her song "Little Red Wagon."

Miranda Lambert on ACM Stage

You needed to be familiar both with this track and with Lambert and Shelton’s romantic history to have realized it, but allow us to walk you through each very quickly.

Instead of singing "I live in Oklahoma" like she does in the original version of this smash hit, Lambert belted out the words "I got the hell out of Oklahoma" during this televised performance.

As country music lovers (and celebrity gossip lovers!) will recall, Lambert resided in Oklahoma with Shelton during their four-year marriage.

The marriage didn’t seem to end on an especially sour note, as neither side has slammed the other for cheating or anything, but it’s pretty clear Lambert remains bitter.

Blake Shelton in Sin City

Shelton was actually in the audience at this event, something that was not missed by many users of social media who tuned in.

"Miranda Lambert just sang ‘got the hell out of Oklahoma’ with Blake Shelton in the room and I have so much respect," wrote one individual, for example, while another added:


Lambert may be more upset at the way Shelton has moved on than anything he did while he was serving as her husband.

Very shortly after the famous couple’s split, Shleton started not just dating Gwen Stefani, but also flaunting the romance at nearly every turn.

The singers attended the ACM Awards together, but so did Lambert and her new husband, Brendan McLoughlin.

This actually marked their first red carpet appearance since tying the knot in February.

Miranda Lambert and Her Husband
(Getty Images)

The couple sure does look happy together, although there’s also been quite a bit of controversy floating around these two since becoming husband and wife.

How so? Just ask McLoughlin’s former fiancee!

But anyway, that’s a drama for another time.

Check out Lambert’s clear diss of Shelton around the 30-second mark of the video featured here.