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Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher are trying for another baby.

The actress came out and admitted this, in very funny fashion, during an appearance this week on Ellen.

Sitting alongside Bad Moms co-star Kristen Bell, Kunis laughed when Ellen asked if she and Ashton Kutcher were trying for a second child, acknowledging the awkward nature of that question and replying:

Like am I having sex, Ellen?

"Yeah. Are you having sex? That’s my question," Ellen replied. "I want to know how often you’re having sex."

Bell then joked that she also wanted to know "when and where" it takes place.

Mila just giggled, but also admitted that she and Kutcher are, indeed, hoping to give little Wyatt a brother or sister in the near future.

From there, Kunis and Bell were actually surprised on set by their famous husbands, as Kutcher and Dax Shepard came out with a bouquet of flowers in honor of Mother’s Day.

The wives seemed legitimately stunned to see them… which makes us wondered where they thought their men were actually supposed to be.

Once both couples were on the couch together, it was time for a game of Never Have We Ever.

These were the important questions asked and topics covered:

Never have we ever been to a nude beach.

Never have we ever used each other’s toothbrushes without telling them.

Never have we ever hooked up on set.

Never have we ever fallen asleep making love.

Never have we ever waxed each other’s body parts.

Never have we ever thrown out something of our spouses that we hated without telling them.

Never have we ever been in handcuffs.

Never have we ever given each other massages.

Don’t tell us you aren’t dying to learn the answers. Click PLAY now: