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On last weekend’s episode of 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After?, Mike ditched Natalie after yet another fight.

He just left her there in the recording studio where they had been filming their confessions.

In a sneak peek for this weekend’s episode, Mike goes to advice from an ill-advised source: his mother.

Trish tells him that Natalie’s doing all of this on purpose, that he should divorce her, and that Natalie’s a "snake in the grass."

In this preview video, Mike Youngquist sits down on a park bench.

The middle of the outdoors may sound like an odd place to place a speakerphone call in January in Washington.

But we all know that production asks stars to pick places to have conversations, just for a change in scenery.

Mike Youngquist doesn't think that it's a big deal; just traditons and caution

Mike explains to the camera that he would like to talk things through with Natalie Mordovtseva, just to see where things stand.

Natalie’s not talking, however, and she’s staying with her friend Juliana — where she apparently has her own bedroom.

Now, Mike is calling his mother, Trish, who is not holding back in terms of her opinions.

Trish almost immediately asks where Natalie is, and Mike admits that she’s staying with her friend.

They’d had another fight. Trish points out that this happens all of the time.

Her theory is that Natalie has fights with Mike on purpose, to give her an excuse to storm off.

Trish thinks that Natalie fabricates these excuses to spend time away from Mike, and has all along.

She calls Natalie’s behavior "the most evil stuff."

In her mind, this is a clue that Natalie never liked Mike to begin with.

"She doesn’t even like you," Trish accuses. "That’s how I look at it."

According to her thinking, Natalie just wanted to come to America and get a work visa and green card.

Trish thinks that if it hadn’t been Mike, it would have been some other man.

"She’s a snake in the grass," Trish characterizes Natalie.

Mike is uncomfortable with this description of his wife.

He half-heartedly offers a request that Trish back down with some of her words, but Trish seems to ignore this.

"I say divorce her ass," Trish strongly suggests. 

She believes that this will thwart Natalie’s "evil" plot to gain legal residency in the United States and will lead to her deportation.

Mike sounds less certain, but Natalie may have made that choice for him. 

Of course, Trish does not have the benefit of having really seen their marriage on camera, only in person and via Mike’s phone calls.

In fact, she probably hasn’t seen Season 8 of 90 Day Fiance yet, given when this was filmed.

Trish will probably side with her baby boy regardless, but viewers know that Mike has incited numerous conflicts. It’s not all Natalie.

Natalie Mordovtseva -

What may be Mike’s biggest problem is a recurring unwillingness to address and work on problems.

In his mind, things will get easier if problems aren’t hashed out. He might find a partner who works the same way.

But Natalie wants him to acknowledge problems so that they can deliberately work through them. He often refuses.

Mike Youngquist challenges Natalie Mordovtseva to discuss christmas

One major inciting incident for the couple falling apart (one of many) was Natalie accusing Trish of calling her a "hooker."

According to a somewhat convincing fan rumor floating around, Trish really did call Natalie a hooker during their visit, but the footage won’t air until the Tell All.

If that is true, Mike, at least, owes Natalie an apology for not believing her. She may not have a great track record, but she’s his wife.