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David Letterman changed the face of late night talk shows.  And after his final sign-off last night, he threw it down with mega-celebs at The Museum of Modern Art.

But two lucky guys got to party with Letterman and company—and drank a little too much free vodka.

Two U.S. Marines were in New York City for Fleet Week.  And on their first night in The Big Apple, they happened to bump into Steve Martin’s wife.

Mrs. Martin invited them to the party, and they got to meet a few famous people, whose names they slur through in the video.

In true bromance style, with their arms around each other, the Marines expressed gratitude for the drinks, excitement for the party…and concern that TMZ is part of the liberal media.  

Sure, Jimmy Kimmel saluted Letterman with a sentimental segment on his show.  And celebrities even gave their farewells in the final Top Ten.

But no one seemed to appreciate Letterman more than these two drunk dudes.