Florida Teen Sets Up Fake Medical Practice, Gets Arrested

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Some kid in West Palm Beach, FL managed to open up a clinic and treat patients before being arrested.

Yet, he claims he's done nothing wrong.

Malachi Love-Robinson, who goes by "Dr. Love," declares himself a well-rounded professional whose offers treatments like food and air therapy, naturopathy, and phototherapy.

The 18-year-old supposedly holds a PhD, but he's not gonna tell you in what.

“I do currently hold a PhD," Love-Robinson told ABC's Matt Gutman.

"In what I don’t feel comfortable disclosing, because that is not the issue here.”

Love-Robinson is being accused of grand theft, fraud, and allegedly practicing medicine without a license.  The sign on the door of his "practice" had a very important, very significant "M.D" at the end of his name, something that Gutman called out.

“That sign on the door was actually due to be changed," Love-Robinson explained.

"There are many types of degrees out there that hold the title as doctor, whether they are a physicist, or an engineer. Just because someone has the title ‘doctor’ in front of their name does not necessarily imply M.D.

"Have you had training?" Gutman asked.

"I have. I have shadowed many doctors," Love-Robinson answered.

Gutman pointed out that shadowing real doctors does not a physician make.  Med school, for example, is a requirement.

"I am not portraying as an M.D.," Love-Robinson tried to clarify.  "I never said that I’ve gone to school to be a M.D.  I have been studying this particular field for awhile," referring to phototherapy, naturophathy and the like.

"It may not have been eight years, nine years, ten years. But it has long enough to, I would say, justify, um, what I do.”

An 86-year-old woman filed a criminal complaint against the Florida teen, who treated her for "severe stomach pain."

The charge for services rendered: $3494.

"What services did you provide in exchange for that money?" Gutman asked.

"I can tell you this: Accusations are merely accusations," Love-Robinson stated.  "And, services, you’d have to define that. Whether she paid for me to just show up, that’s up to her."

Gutman was as fed up as his audience, and asked Love-Robinson, "Are you a fraud? Because it seems like everything you are saying to me is either evasive or an outright lie."

Rude, according to Love-Robinson.

"I don’t appreciate your tone. I don’t appreciate the way you’re portraying this interview to actually be," he responded, before abruptly ended the interview and walked off set.

Great news, though.  Once this whole debacle clears up, "Dr. Love" plans to open another clinic!

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