Mady Gosselin: I'm Stuck at Home and About to FIGHT My Mom!!

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You know, if Mady Gosselin thought that 2019 sucked, she'd better brace herself for the rest of 2020.

The COVID-19 pandemic has shuttered schools and sent students home. And that means that Mady is back home with Kate.

Mady Gosselin is Stuck at Home

If you've ever lived in college dorms, you know that illnesses sweep through student residents without mercy.

Wisely, universities have moved classes online and most students have either returned home to their families or found other lodgings.

Mady Gosselin is no exception, and she has found a way to pass the time now that she is all cooped up in la casa de Kate.

She is making TikTok videos, and she's not doing it alone.

Alexis Gosselin, Joel Gosselin, and Mady Gosselin

Mady is assisted in her videos by her younger brother, Joel, and her younger sister, Alexis.

"Stuck in the house," she captions one fun video.

Her caption then asks: "What are we supposed to do?"

Apparently, make fun videos using the beloved and always meme-ready music from the Ninentdo Wii.

mady gosselin kate gosselin tiktok - fight prediction

That is not all that Mady has shared, of course.

She also showed a lighthearted clip from inside the car, and it prominently featured her infamous mother, Kate.

"When you're home for six months because of the coronavirus," Mady's on-screen caption begins.

"And," the caption predicts, "you and your mom are going to fight."

Kate Plus Date Scene

Kate Gosselin is widely perceived as having a difficult and combative personality.

Which makes this an odd joke for Mady to make.

Coming from a normal college student, this would be purely humorous -- poking fun at how college students sometimes clash with parents.

Coming from Mady ... is this a cry for help?

Kate Gosselin Recoils in Horror

It's also possible that Mady just thinks that moms are supposed to be like Kate.

People from controlling, toxic households often take years or even decades before they fully process that their childhoods were not normal.

College can often be the first time that people meet others who have had such wildly different experiences and discuss them.

Additionally, the "culture shock" that returning college students experience when returning to restrictive households can be a wakeup call.

Mady Gosselin Pic

Speaking of Kate, it's important for us all to remember that in times of home confinement, incidences of verbal, emotional, and physical abuse rise.

It's not difficult to figure out why -- increased proximity between toxic, abusive people and thier victims makes matters worse.

This pandemic is doing more than endangering the lives of millions and making the stock market tumble.

We are of course grateful that Collin and Hannah are in a loving home and far away from Kate.

Mady Gosselin Selfie

It was so smart of Mady to jump aboard the TikTok train right now, when both the app and general boredom are on the rise.

TikTok videos are all the rage right now as celebrities reach their audiences and entertain themselves.

It's possible that Mady could launch a new career with TikTok.

However, she mostly just wants to be a normal young adult, so we don't expect her to go too wild with it.

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