Lori Loughlin ARRESTED Over College Cheating Scandal

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A number of wealthy individuals, including actresses Felicity Huffman and Lori Loughlin, were indicted as part of a massive college fraud scheme.

One day after that news broke, Lori was arrested on Los Angeles.

Meanwhile, former fans cannot help but notice certain parallels between Lori's scheme and her role as Aunt Becky on Full House.

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Speaking to People, a representative from  the U.S. Attorneys Office Central District of California confirms that Lori has been arrested.

She remains in custody and is expected to make an appearance in court at 2pm (PST).

The 54-year-old actress was arrested following an overnight flight from Canada, where she had been filming.

She faces a felony charge of conspiracy to commit mail fraud.

She also faces a charge of honest services mail fraud.

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Lori is one of dozens facing charges for what appears to have been a massive, nationwide scheme.

The schools involved range from USC to Yale to Princeton to Stanford to Georgetown.

Wealthy parents are accused of having paid, in amounts ranging from the tens of thousands to considerably greater sums, to guarantee their children's college placement.

In some cases, these were payments to have someone else take an entrance exam.

Others were bribes for coaches to list students as having been recruited as athletes when they were not.

Part of the outrage over this is brought on by the thought of students who had applied and been denied because these slots went to students whose parents paid bribes.

Lori Loughlin at the People's Choice Awards

Lori is specifically accused of paying $500,000 for her daughter to be virtually placed on a university rowing team.

Her young adult daughter, Olivia Jade, is an Instagram influencer who has dabbled in acting.

Reportedly, Olivia posed on a rowing machine to help sell the claim that she was part of the team.

It is unclear how much she or any of the other children may have known of what their parents were doing to secure their future.

But Olivia has expressed a disinterest in college academics multiple times on social media.

Considering that her mother may go to prison over what she did for Olivia's college career, those posts have not aged well.

Lori Loughlin, Daughter

Speaking of things that have not aged well ...

(No, this is not a knock on Lori, who remains beautiful on the outside)

... Lori's role on Full House, which made her famous in the first place, is now coming back to haunt her during this scandal.

Notably, she was the voice of reason and honesty on multiple episodes in which Uncle Jesse tried to use shortcuts.

In one episode, written by someone who doesn't know how SATs work, Jesse snuck a radio to DJ to try to help her cheat on her SAT exams.

It was aunt Becky who took the SAT answer sheet (which no proctor would ever have, let's be real) to stop him from helping her.

Lori Loughlin on Full House

Another episode showed Jesse lying to an elite preschool to try to get his twins enrolled in the hopes that he would give them a head start at life.

It fell to Becky to talk him out of it.

In the episode, she delivered some very heartfelt lines about how the twins would go through life at their own pace, and didn't need a dishonest boost.

It seems clear that speaking those lines had no lasting effect on Lori Loughlin -- not when it came to her own child's future.

Watch these clips for yourself. They juxtapose nicely with her current scandal, don't you think?

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