Liza Koshy and David Dobrik Break Up, Shed All the Tears

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They rose to fame on YouTube.

They expressed their love and affection for each other on YouTube.

So it's only appropriate that Liza Koshy and David Dobrik have now broken up on YouTube as well.

Liza Koshy and David Dobrik

In a six-minute video that featured a few attempts at humor and a great number of tears being shed, the Internet stars talked openly about the end of their romance.

(Which actually took place six months ago, but which they only chose to share with their fans now.)

Based on the footage below, it sounds as if Koshy is the one who chose to split from Dobrik, as she acknowledged she's been going through a "rough" patch in life.

“Liza broke up with me because she felt like we’ve been distant because we’ve been so busy,” Dobrik said, adding;

“As much as I hate to admit it, I was feeling it on my side too, but I just don’t have the balls to pull the trigger on that.”

David Dobrik

Koshy rose to prominence online by posting comedy videos on Vine in 2013, prior to going on to become a huge YouTube star on her two YouTube channels, as well as a television presenter and actor.

Dobrik, meanwhile, took a similar path to fame via Vine and YouTube, where he also has two channels.

Between the two of them, Koshy and Dobrik have more than 20 million followers. Yes... 20 MILLION!

They started dating back in 2015.

Together as a couple, Liza and David let fans in on their funny adventures comedic bits/skits, helping Web users feel as if they really knew the pair well.

Hence the viral sadness that has accompanied this split.

Liza Koshy

"This is going to sound so lame but I really want to spread love but I have to have it first," Koshy says at one point.

"It’s like saying you’re going to spread mayonnaise when you only have mustard."

For the duration of the video, the stars tried to keep things light, but they kept breaking down once reality set in.

“All jokes aside,” Dobrik said. "We are broken up.”

And followers are NOT taking it well. To wit:

youtube split

So go grab yourself a box of Kleenezx and click PLAY on the video below.

It will be sad, but worthwhile.

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