Little Girl Sees Santa, FLIPS OUT

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Ah, to be young and innocent again.

To come up with what you believe is a reasonable plan to sell your little brother for $54 to a pet store.

To casually sing the Imperial March in crib before falling asleep.

To sit on your mother's shoulders and see a Christmas tree get lit up and then to see Santa Claus arrive on the scene and to FLIP THE EFF OUT in response.

Sorry for sort of cursing there. This is an article about children, we know. But this little girl's reaction is just so gosh darn funny.

"Took my 17 month old daughter to Liverpool one on 13/11/15 to see the lights being switched on," wrote the mother as a description on YouTube.

"They introduced Father Christmas and this was my little ones reaction. It's the first time she has seen Santa as she was too young last year."

We love it!

We're sort of jealous that we stopped believing in Santa Claus (sorry, Father Christmas) a long time ago.

It would be pretty awesome to have this sort of reaction to almost anything in life, wouldn't you?

Check out the fun footage below and keep the imaginations of children alive for as long as possible, parents. Please...

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