Father Catches Daughter Singing Imperial March in Bed

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The father featured in the following video has clearly raised his daughter very well.

Either that, or he's raised her really, really, really horribly. It's one or the other.

In one of the funnier pieces of footage we've seen in awhile, a dad is spying on his two-and-a-half year old daughter via your basic baby monitor.

But what he hears and sees is anything but basic: It's his little girl, having recently been introduced to the Star Wars franchise, showing off her affection for Darth Vader.

By singing along to the Imperial March! HA!

We love it!

It sure sounds as if this toddler will make an adorable Sith one day, much to her dad's chagrin and/or excitement, we'd imagine. It's unclear which.

Check out the video, prepare to laugh out loud and then take note of other recent Star Wars-related stories in the news:

Those are all well, good and interesting.

We recommend clicking on all the links above and checking out all of those stories.

But this is a very young girl getting totally into the Imperial March prior to falling asleep. It wins.

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