Young Girl Wants to Sell Brother for $54

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The little girl featured in this video has a plan, people.

It may sound callous at first, but hear her out, okay?

See... she really wants a toy owl. She's wanted one forever because, we don't know, this item seems pretty cute and pretty cool.

So she figures she and her dad can sell her weird little brother to a pet store for $54 and then she can go ahead and buy her toy owl.

She's prepared to just give away her brother? To trade him for a fake animal? No! Of course not! Don't be crazy.

After selling her brother for $54, Rachel and her father will then return to the pet store and buy him back when he's on sale. For, like, $1, the little girl figures.

This would mean Rachel gets her dream of owning a pet owl AND only loses $1 total on the sale of her brother, who will only need to be in possession of the pet store for a short period of time.

Win-win, right? Right?!?

Rachel makes it clear toward the end of this video that she's serious. She wants this to happen in "real life." And, hey, her brother doesn't seem totally against it!

The entire thing is beyond adorable... and that's before we even get to Rachel's frog hat.

Watch the daughter's exchange with her father and give Rachel some credit. She's got this whole capitalism down to a tee. We see bright things in her future.

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