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Russell Wilson is doing pretty darn well for himself at the moment.

First, the quarterback went ahead and got married to Ciara.

Then, he went ahead and had sex with Ciara. A lot of sex with Ciara, based on the couple’s latest Snapchat video.

But while Wilson is having the time of his life, the athletic star’s cutest little fan is now in a very bad place.

And we can’t help but laugh over it.

In a video shared on Facebook, a very young woman Kaia bursts into tears after her mother, Antoinette, informs her of the latest Wilson news:

"I don’t know, but if you heard on the news today, Russell Wilson got married – to Ciara," the mother says.

Cue total and complete bawling.

Wilson, of course, was also married from 2012 through 2014.

But perhaps Kaia was too young to be aware of that union at the time.

According to Fox Q13, the local news station in Kaia’s hometown of Olympia, Washington, the infant had fantasies of wanting to marry Russell for about a year now.

"Don’t be sad Kaia we can still watch him on TV," Antoinette says.

We somehow doubt that’s gonna comfort Kaia.

But maybe this will: she isn’t alone!

Remember the equally adorable girl who shed endless tears over Adam Levine’s marriage? In case you do not…

Little Girl is CRUSHED That Adam Levine is Married

That girl ended up okay in the end.

And you will, too, Kaia. Even if it doesn’t feel that way right now.