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Did you see that Ciara and Russell Wilson wedding photo?

The singer and the Super Bowl-winning quarterback clearly had a lot of fun at their wedding.

Russell Wilson and Ciara Selfie

But not nearly as much fun as they had on their wedding night!

In a Snapchat video they shared with the Internet on Thursday, Ciara and Wilson joke about all the sex they’ve already had and all the sex they’re about to have. 

Except we know they aren’t really joking.

The couple had previously confirmed plans to remain celibate until they exchanged vows… because God told them to do so.

“So, baby, you know what we’re doing tonight,” the artist tells her new husband in the footage.

In the background, Wilson can be heard saying:

“And what we did last night, I want to do multiple times."

Ciara also flashes her very large new diamond wedding bands in the video.

Ciara and Russell Wilson on Snapchat

Ciara and Wilson got married in front of friends and family on Tuesday.

Why did they wait until then to experience the bliss of sexual intercourse?

"For me, I knew that God had brought me in her life to bless her and for her to bless me,” Wilson, a devout Christian, previously said of their decision.

"We’re not going to be perfect, by any means. But He’s anointed both of us and He’s calling for us to do something special."

We’re guessing that the wait was eventually worth it.

Following their nuptials, both halves of the newlyweds shared the following image on their Instagram accounts, including with it the same caption:

“We are The Wilsons!”

The Wilsons

They’re both likely pretty tired right about now, too.

The Seattle Seahawks signal caller proposed to the Ciara with a massive 16-carat ring during a romantic trip to Seychelles last March.

Wilson was married to Ashton Meem, from 2012 to 2014; while Ciara was engaged to Future prior to their August 2014 break-up.

Those exes share two-year-old son Future Jr. and have often clashed over the amount of time Wilson spends in the child’s life.