Leah Messer: FED UP! About to QUIT Teen Mom 2!!

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This past season of Teen Mom 2 has not been kind to Leah Messer.

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First, the show portrayed her as a bad parent who doesn't feed her children.

Next, fans attacked her after another episode for leaving the family cat in the car.

And most recently, she was depicted as a drunken flirt trying unsuccessfully to win back her ex Jeremy Calvert, who is in a relationship with Brooke Wehr.

Leah is now sick and tired of the show trying to make her look bad and wants out, says Radar Online.

There's just one small problem.

“Leah probably would, but she can’t quit because of her agreement,” a source told the site.

Oh, the agreement that promises her a lucrative paycheck for airing all her dirty laundry on camera?

Leah is particularly peeved about the way MTV edited footage of a recent dinner outing with Jeremy.

She claims that Jeremy was flirting back, but the show made it appear as though all the advances were coming from her.

“The show keeps on editing it to look so different than it really is,” the source continued.

“Leah is upset, but she’s not shocked [by the editing],” added the source. “She’s kind of over it to be honest.”

Leah took to Twitter after the episode with Jeremy aired to slam Teen Mom 2 and call it fake.

"I'm 99.9% sure those feelings were mutual," she tweeted. "I could go in detail, but wont."

"Oh, how I love this fake a#% TV show. #SoOverIt," she added.

This wasn't the first time Leah aired her grievances about the show's editing on Twitter.

In March, she expressed her frustrations through a lengthy rant about the program's manipulative editing.

"It's so sad how the person behind the editing can even live a happy life by editing to manipulate the audience watching," she wrote. 

"I hope to continue to share my story but I REFUSE to allow it to be twisted for the benefit of a NETWORK!" 

Does her refusal mean she intends to leave the show?

What's more important, Leah, a paycheck or your dignity?

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