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Obviously, the headline event from this week’s The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills was Lisa Rinna going off on Denise Richards.

But Garcelle went behind Lisa’s back to shade her — more or less calling her irresponsible in light of her daughter’s eating disorder.

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Discussion of shopping habits led to Lisa Rinna’s parents, Lois and Frank Rinna, being brought up.

Whether the conversation was planned or simply looked spontaneous due ot editing, Lisa’s social media activity also comes up.

“What does Lois think about the dancing on Instagram in your underwear?” Kyle Richards asks.

“I do a lot of stuff on Instagram," Lisa shares, "because Lois watches Instagram. So she sees everything.”

“She has an iPad," she confirms.

"Even though I know I’m being ridiculous," Lisa says, "I always know that she gets to see everything and the girls. I think it really is great for her.”

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During this chat, it becomes visually apparent that Garcelle is basically biting her tongue.

She is clearly looking around to see which of her castmates might bring up, however diplomatically, the topic that she is expecting.

Garcelle does not mention it … and opts to not bring it up herself.

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Well, not with the group anyway. She does talk about it to the confessional camera.

"“I love that Lisa’s free enough to do the videos and be dancing," Garcelle begins by affirming.

"But," she expresses, "the dancing nearly naked is not a choice for me."

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Garcelle isn’t being a prude or projecting her own ideas towards what Lisa should do.

She’s not being sex-negative or the body police, but has concerns about the unseen effects of Lisa’s otherwise fine behavior.

Garcelle explains that she would opt out of any sexy dancing while bearing it all "if I had a daughter that had body issues."

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Amelia Gray Hamlin is 19 years old.

In 2018, she began to speak openly about her eating disorder.

Disordered eating comes in many forms, some of which are "encouraged" by disreputable nutritionists. Amelia struggles with anorexia.

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Garcelle’s implication is that Lisa is being a bad parent by making her daughter’s body image issues worse.

Lisa has an enviable body for someone of any age, a body that most people will never have in their lives.

The worry here is that seeing her mom parade in her underwear, or less, will reinforce Amelia’s internalized body image struggles.

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This is a complicated topic with few easy answers.

But anorexia is not a rational thing. Those who struggle with the disorder will see themselves as "too big" no matter what size they are.

While images of those with the desirable degree of thin-ness can be triggers for anorexia, the vast majority of those with eating disorders would never want someone else to change for them.

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And no amount of covering on Lisa will make Amelia’s own mind stop screaming at her that she is "too big."

That is something that only she, with therapy, can approach.

If Lisa could magically fix her daughter by transforming her life, there is no question that she would. But sadly, it’s not that easy.