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The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 10, Episode 13 shows the fallout of Brandi’s claims as Denise continues to deny everything.

Increasingly desperate, she tries to deflect attention by pointing the finger at other Housewives … and it backfires spectacularly.

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As we showed you in last week’s sneak peek, Denise Richards and Lisa Rinna sat down early on to discuss matters.

Denise hinted at her intentions to take legal action to silence Brandi.

Lisa tried to balance the role of being a compassionate friend with being someone who is struggling to believe Denise over Brandi.

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"I don’t feel responsible because I think it’s Teddi’s job because Teddi had the information," Lisa explained to the camera.

She acknowledged: "I think we get into trouble when we play telephone."

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"Why did you keep egging Teddi on?" Denise demanded of her friend.

"Because it’s out there," Lisa explained. "Tell me exactly what it all is."

"I do not have an open marriage," Denise insisted, "and I did not cheat on my husband."

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We see some fun moments, like the ladies trying on outfits (Sutton admits that she prefers to try things on in private, which is relatable).

Over sushi, Erika and Garcelle make veiled blowjob jokes while Denise semi-apologizes for her husband’s rudeness.

Rather, Denise promises that Aaron isn’t actually rude and that he will happily mansplain why their girl-brains mistakenly thought he was rude.

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The ladies do something with cars that was probably very exciting if you care enough about cars to identify them by more than their color.

Kyle sits down with Dorit. Dorit still has some lingering friction with Teddi (and, by extension, Kyle).

Meanwhile, Kyle recalls that she doesn’t think that Brandi is a liar, something that she told Joanna Krupa’s legal team during that lawsuit.

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Then comes the big dinner, which was significant for multiple reasons — in part because Denise decided to explain her version of things with Brandi.

"I got a call from a mutual branding agent that represents [Brandi]," Denise relates to the assembled Housewives.

"She [had] been wanting to meet me," she claims.

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Denise recalls: "And [the agent] goes ‘Can we just go for drinks?’ and I’m like ‘Yeah that’s fine.’"

She adds: "She had started asking for probably about a month if I would do her podcast."

"She flew up," Denise relates, "and then she flew back to LA after that. So, that was that."

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"After that, when I had spoken to her, she knew every single thing that was going on in the group," Denise accuses.

Teddi asks for clarification: "When? Recently?"

Kyle gets more specific with her question, asking: "How recently?"

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"Before your party, Kyle," Denise claims. 

The hint was that the group might have some sort of mole, a traitor in their ranks who was stirring things up with Brandi.

Denise dangled the bait … but though the ladies listened politely, no one was really biting at this desperate bid to deflect attention.

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Teddi explains that she clearly does not believe Denise and is finding inconsistencies in her story.

"The problem is the night before she said she never talked to Brandi," Teddi notes.

"So, which one is it Denise?" she asks. "You barely know Brandi or you know her and you’ve heard that somebody else is feeding her all of this information."

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Denise decided to keep dropping hints that Brandi has some sort of spy in their ranks.

"[Brandi] knew s–t that happened in Santa Barbara," Denise claims. "She knew about the little tiffs."

"Someone else was sharing things with her," she adds. "She knew stuff that I did not know."

"She shared a lot of personal stuff about a lot of people that are involved with this group," Denise alleges.

Curiously, she doesn’t provide even a single example of something told to her that she did not already know.

As for what Brandi allegedly shared with Denise, she says: "I will not repeat it."

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Erika, either trying to be fair or trying to call Denise on her BS or likely both, spoke up.

"Honey, if you’ve got something to say that’s bad," she tells Denise.

She advises her: "After what was said about you last night, you should tell it."

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Denise declares: "There’s a line. I won’t do it." She then promptly crosses that line, because of course she did.

"And by the way, Brandi has said that she’s had sex with every single woman she’s come in contact with," she alleges.

Denise says that this is "including some of the people from this group. I’m not joking."

Denise Richards Starts a Rumor

Kyle once again seeks clarification: "So, you’re saying that she said she’s had sex with someone at this table?"

"Yes," Denise replies smugly, at which point both Kyle and Dorit look down the table at Lisa Rinna.

Kyle notes: "That would only be between you and me." In the confessional, Kyle adds: "If that is true, why didn’t she say that last night?"

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Lisa shoots down that rumor: "I’ve never had sex with a woman."

Meanwhile, Kyle declares: "I don’t believe [Brandi] said that." She is straight-up calling Denise a liar to her face, if not in so many words.

Denise doubles down, insisting: "I’m telling you!"

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Lisa cannot help but comment on her alleged friend pointing the finger at her.

"I think it’s a little bit interesting that you’re saying that right now," she tells Denise.

"She says it about every single person," Denise continues to insist.

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Denise quickly and angrily counters: "I’ve never heard that."

"Lisa, I’m not lying!" Denise keeps claiming. "She said the same thing about me."

This just sounds like Denise is trying to make Brandi sound like a consummate liar, which is very transparent — and Lisa thinks so, too.

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"If you’re trying to deflect," Lisa says in the confessional, "it’s not working."

"I don’t think Brandi Glanville has ever said she’s had sex with me," she says to her in person.

"So don’t say that!" Lisa warns her friend. "Don’t even put that out there."

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At this point, the show announces that it is very much To Be Continued.

Notice that Lisa is not bursting into tears or pretending to give an unconvincing laugh.

She’s plainly angry with Denise for trying to distract from her own drama by pointing the finger at her. There’s more drama to come.