Lauryn Shannon: Mama June is a Crackhead and I Will F--k Her Up!

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Fans don't know what to think after June Shannon wished them a "happy coronavirus." Seriously, that was weird.

But in this week's upcoming Family Crisis episode, Lauryn "Pumpkin" Shannon knows exactly what she thinks of her estranged Mama.

Family Crisis: Lauryn Shannon bad hair

In this week's sneak peek of Mama June: Family Crisis, Lauryn and Alana are in California.

They are also seemingly in 1989, since they are at an arcade (made more humorous by Lauryn's choice in nails, as you will see).

"Oh my God," Alana exclaims while looking at her phone in a moment that, we're sure, was totally genuine.

(Real talk; reality stars often pretend to get texts or see things while on camera that they actually first saw, like, while in the bathroom)

Alana Thompson: Look What Mama Did

"What?" Lauryn asks in a reasonably convincing tone of curiosity.

With a voice of resignation, Alana holds up her phone and says "look what Mama did."

Given Mama June's downward spiral in 2019, that could have been about almost anything.

As it happens, it's about a social media comment that she left -- a very hurtful one.

family crisis: june comments on alana's pic, misses tink

"Aww, Tink," Alana reads June's Instagram comment aloud. "I miss her so bad."

Lauryn's daughter, Ella, then says some gibberish that the production for some reason keeps "translating" into complete sentences.

"Of course she does," Lauryn says.

She quickly adds: "But she can't respond to anybody's text messages, of course, you know."

Family Crisis: translated gibberish

Then, speaking directly to the camera, Lauryn shares what's really on her mind.

"What really irritates me is it's kid of hard for Alana to express her emotions," Lauryn laments.

"And Mama saying that she misses [daughter Tink] and not Alana really hurt her," she explains.

"It really makes me mad," Lauryn expresses, "to know that Mama would make her feel that way."

Lauryn Shannon is Expressive

"I love her to death, I really do, and I would do anything for her," Lauryn affirms back at the arcade.

"But at this point," she expresses, "I want to slap her in the face too."

While Lauryn is venting her frustrations with her absent, spiraling mother, Alana mostly just misses her mom.

"I miss the mama that used to go grocery shopping with us," she says.

Alana Thompson Makes a Lot of Sense

"Or the one that used to go to the arcade with us," Lauryn chimes in.

"I hope that she sees us doing better for ourselves," she expresses.

"And," Lauryn hopes, "that maybe she'll want better for herself too."

Lauryn has suggested before that it was her hope that June seeing the family doing well would make her feel a need to return.

Pumpkin Shannon Explains Her Mom's Madness

"Maybe that will kind of like inspire her or make her be like, 'the girls are doing good, maybe I should be there,'" Lauryn suggests.

"And," she continues, perhaps June will "try and be back in our lives and be there for the important stuff like this."

But, as we all know, Mama June did not return to the family.

By all accounts, she is still living in Florida -- and this was filmed many months ago.

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