June Shannon Wishes Fans a Happy Coronavirus, Gets Savagely Mocked By Wendy Williams

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Mama June fans are currently experiencing a phenomenon that's sadly familiar to those whose loved ones struggle with addiction.

There are times when the reality star appears to be on the upswing -- but all too often, they're followed by some sort of devastating setback.

Shannon, Mama June

With a new season of from Not to Hot to promote (that title was always awful, and TLC can go ahead and change it anytime) Mama June returned to Instagram last month, and her followers hoped that she would have some progress to report.

Sadly, June revealed that she was missing a tooth, and she appeared to be heavily under the influence.

Now, she's branching out to a new social media platform.

And her first post is unlikely to inspire hope for the future.

June popped up on Cameo on Sunday, revealing that she's now making fan greeting videos for a fee.

“If you wanna wish your family members a happy Easter, happy birthday, or Happy coronavirus, stay inside,” June said.

Aside from the fact that her badly broken tooth has not hey been repaired, June's message was also distressing to fans, many of whom noted that she seems unaware of the seriousness of the coronavirus pandemic.

“WTF June,'” one person wrote, as reported by The Ashley's Reality Roundup.

June Shannon Bawls

“Ain’t nobody gonna pay you s--t. You have let a low life take you down and away from your family," the commenter continued.

"But you made that choice. Geno and being a crackhead have ruined you. Hope you are proud of yourself.”

“She looks like hell! Please June get your act together!” another chimed in.

That's an extremely harsh response to the situation, as much of June's recent behavior is a result of the fact that she's in the throes of both active addiction and an abusive relationship.

June Shannon is a Mess

Of course, none of these cruel internet commenters could outmatch the Queen of Mean herself, Wendy Williams, 

Williams paid for one of Shannon's Cameo videos seemingly for the sole purpose of mocking the woman.

“Hey y’all this is Mama June and I just want to wish Wendy Williams well during this quarantine girl,” June says in the video that Williams' team paid a paltry 30 bucks for (and then aired to he entire world).

“Hopefully everything is going good with you and you’ll be back in the studio soon because your fans miss you like crazy.”

“[Her] tooth is still broken!” said Williams, broadcasting from her home.

“I like her. I don’t want to be mean.”

There's a lot about this situation that has us shaking our heads in disbelief.

But the idea that Wendy Williams didn't want to be mean?

Well, that's just something we can't wrap out heads around.

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