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On Saturday, Larissa Lima was arrested by ICE, fulfilling her worse fears.

She has now been released, and is reassuring fans that she is okay.

Larissa Lima Makes a

As we reported earlier, it was Larissa’s friend, Carmen Nys, who broke the awful news of Larissa’s arrest.

"Hi everyone," Carmen’s message began. "I am here with Eric Nichols right now."

Not wanting to leave readers in suspense, she confirmed: "Larissa just got arrested by ICE when she was about to leave their house and move to Colorado."

"Why have no clue why," Carmen lamented, knowing that followers had questions.

She simply stated: "I want to let her family, fans, and friends know that we are going there right now."

"And," Carmen’s heartbreaking Instagram Story message said in conclusion, "as soon as I have more info, I will keep you guys posted."

Larissa Lima, Eric Nichols, and a U-Haul

As soon as this scary news broke on Saturday, fans were frantically wondering what would happen.

Carmen and Eric raced to advocate for her, and her legal team confirmed that they were on it.

Fortunately, a little over three hours later, Larissa’s story took a brighter turn.

Carmen Nys revealed that Larissa was no longer being held and is free.

Larissa was once again on the road with boyfriend Eric Nichols, en route to their new home in Colorado Springs.

While leaving Vegas behind (with just one more traumatic memeory to haunt her), Larissa recorded a video to share the good news — and reassurances — with her fans.

Larissa Lima is FREE

"High everyone, I’m outee!" Larissa says, waving into the camera from the passenger’s seat of the rented U-haul.

She thanks everyone for their help and support during this scary incident, as you can hear for yourself in the video that we have included.

"The people from the ICE are very nice," Larissa claims, "so I’m good to go." She then gives the camera a thumbs up.

Larissa Lima in September 2020

While we are grateful for Larissa’s release, this was a scary incident and we — like many of her fans — have more questions.

(And while the people from ICE are not "nice" or they would not work for that organization, we do not blame Larissa in the slightest for refusing to badmouth the folks who could ruin her life on a whim)

In the mean time, she and Eric are on the road again, though she admits that she is very anxious right now. Who could blame her?

The two announced this week that they have closed on a new home in Colorado Springs.

This will represent a big change for Larissa, and some fans are questioning how well she will adapt to the change of scenery.

But given this and other traumatic experiences in Vegas, we can only imagine how excited she is to leave the desert city in her wake.

Larissa Lima Poses After Surgeries

During Larissa’s ordeal, multiple people showed her support, from fans to her friends in Vegas to Jess Caroline and, of course, Eric.

It is good to remember that the same people who helped her make bank on CamSoda this week (she raked in $100,000 for the site!) like Larissa for more than just her brand new body.

As we acknowledged, we still have questions about what happened, but for now, it’s enough to know that Larissa is safe and on her way to her new home.