Larissa Lima: ICE Arrest Was God's Way of Telling Me to Self-Deport!

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On Saturday, September 19 of last year, Larissa Lima was detained by ICE for hours before being released.

The 90 Day Fiance star has said very little about that harrowing encounter, but always planned to share more.

This week, Larissa opened up about what it felt like to have her worst fears almost realized.

She had an epiphany. The self-styled queen may self-deport, possibly even going home to Brazil.

Larissa Lima Speaks on a Complicated Topic

Larissa Lima has only shared a handful of videos to her YouTube channel since launching it.

Clearly, she chooses her topics carefully.

But in her first update in about a month, Larissa is addressing her ICE arrest in 2020.

Larissa Lima Gets Serious on Instagram

Larissa recently received two letters in the mail.

The first was from immigration court.

The second, she shared, was a request to check in with ICE.

Larissa Lima Recalls Meeting a Fellow Star

"And I'm still debating if I should self-deport myself," Larissa shared, as you can see in this clip.

"Or," she continued, "or wait [and see if] the judge tells me I have to leave."

"Like I said," Larissa shared, "I've been thinking a lot with Eric -- he's not here."

Larissa Lima and Eric Nichols for Valentine's Day 2021

"We really want to go visit other countries," Larissa expressed of her plans with her on-again boyfriend.

"We really want to spend time with my family, my kids, in Brazil," she added.

"And," Larissa expressed, "i'm really looking forward to something new happening."

Larissa Lima in an Unfinished Basement

She's not kidding when she expresses a willingness to embrace new changes.

Larissa only recently acquired the apartment where she is currently living.

Even so, she says, she'd be happy to move on with her life.

Larissa Lima Discusses OnlyFans on YouTube

Additionally, as you can see in the clip that we included, her future is secure.

Larissa notes that her (extremely, profoundly profitable) OnlyFans is not limited to the United States.

So she can travel as she needs to (as many OnlyFans creators do, or did before the pandemic) and still make good money.

Larissa Lima in a Magenta Top

More than once during the full video, Larissa suggests that her September 19 detection was more than just a scary encounter.

Rather, she says, she felt like it was a "sign" of some sort.

Whether she ultimately decides to move on from the US seems up in the air. 

Larissa Lima Dons a Wedding Dress

Part of that may be up to Eric Nichols.

Not only are they back together after their fairly recent split, but Larissa and Eric recently sparked engagement rumors.

Congratulations -- we assume -- are in order.

Larissa Lima Models a Wedding Dress

It may be that Larissa is discussing the idea of leaving the US temporarily, for a year or two, and then applying for a marital visa.

There is of course no guarantee that she would get one. 

Having been married to Colt made her famous, but it also had multiple negative impacts on her life.

Larissa Lima Wears the Purple

Some fans are saddened to hear that Larissa might leave, especially since it sounds like part of it may be out of fear of deportation.

ICE is an organization established by George W. Bush.

It was one of the programs that he created by using the horror of 9/11 as an excuse to effect harmful changes to America.

Larissa Lima as a Sexy Pilot

With that in mind, fleeing due to anxiety about ICE might feel like, well, letting the terrorists win.

However, though ICE should not exist as an organization and many of its members belong in prison, Larissa doesn't hold a grudge.

In fact, though she could say very little about her case, Larissa did share that the agents with whom she interacted were very professional.

Larissa Lima Wears Pink on YouTube

Meanwhile, of course, Larissa's critics are likely to have a field day.

Whether their motive was personal, general xenophobia, or both, a lot of trolls have been loudly demanding that Larissa return to Brazil for years.

At the moment, Brazil is being ravaged by COVID-19 due to the worst leadership imaginable.

Larissa Lima Plays Coy on Instagram

Jair Bolsonaro is, and I do not say this lightly, worse than disgraced former president Donald Trump.

His leadership is not an ideal time for Larissa to return to her home country, if that is even what she decides to do.

Hopefully, in the future, she will be able to come and go from Brazil and the US as she pleases. She has a lot of fans here.

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