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Lance Bass is one of several spectacular guest hosts on this season of Bachelor in Paradise.

The pop sensation has been a longtime fan of the franchise and was thrilled at the opportunity to host.

Lance has been out as gay since 2006, but was a natural fit for the overwhelmingly heterosexual Bachelor world.

But he says that the show doesn’t have always to be straight-laced. In fact, he’d love to host an LGBTQ+ season.

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Lance Bass spoke to Variety after the airing of his three-episode stint as host.

“If you want the most dramatic season ever, do an LGBT version,” he teased with a laugh.

Lance added: “I think maybe it’s the time for ‘The Bachelor’ to do a gay Bachelor." (An openly gay Bachelor)

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"I think that would be so much fun,” Lance expressed.

“And," he added, "I definitely know a host if you need it.”

Lance is actually the first gay host in the franchise, but will soon be followed by the second, Tituss Burgess.

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“I have not talked to anyone about that," Lance quickly clarified.

"But," he shared, "I would be so down."

Notably, Lance met his husband, Michael Turchin, not far from where Bachelor in Paradise is filmed.

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Lance would love to see love stories like his play out in the franchise.

However, there have been only a few openly LGBTQ+ stars on the franchise, and really only one storyline — when Demi Burnett became engaged.

And though there has been a lot of progress in the world of LGBTQ+ representation on television, it still falls short in many ways.

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Just last week, an ITV executive claimed that the Love Island format somehow doesn’t work for gay or bi same-sex couples.

Obviously, that is nothing but brainrotten nonsense.

But it is a jarringly popular sentiment, and some bigots within the Bachelor Nation express similar disdain on social media when the idea is put forward.

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In contrast, Lance correctly notes that an LGBTQ+ presence (a visible one) is sorely needed in the reality dating world.

“I think it’s so needed," he stressed.

In fact, Lance hosted the short-lived Finding Prince Charming series on Logo in 2016, though unfortunately it only lasted one season.

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Lance noted that Bachelor in Paradise is ideal for exploring LGBTQ+ storylines.

“Demi obviously had the first LGBT storyline on ‘Bachelor in Paradise,’" he mentioned.

"So," Lance reasoned, "that seems like a place that is a great venue for all love stories."

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“I love the fact that they’re really branching out,” Lance praised of the franchise.

One of the newest spinoffs in development is a senior citizen version, which is currently in the casting phase.

“They’re doing the seniors next," Lance said, "which I think is such a great idea."

Tituss Burgess

"I like that they’re trying different things," Lance praised.

"And I think the next step, the obvious step, would to be an LGBT version," he added.

"I would love to see a show where you had lesbian, gay, trans, bi," Lance continued.

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"To me, bisexual is just such an interesting thing to watch," Lance said of the reality TV potential, "because everyone is an option.”

Sometimes, fans of the franchise argue that there would be "chaos" if a lead were gay or bi.

They seem to feel that men competing for a man, women competing for a woman, or men and women competing for a bi or pan lead might fall for each other.

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It’s possible … but then, it’s also possible on the "straight" seasons.

There are just a handful of openly bi contestants in the franchise, but we all know that there are others who are not out.

There’s always a chance that contestants might fall for each other. In fact, it may have already happened without anyone realizing it.

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If "certain people" are really so concerned about keeping the format unchanged, a transgender lead sounds like the way to go.

A trans woman’s season of The Bachelorette would be no different than a cis woman’s season … except for its educational value and, unfortunately, the risk of bigoted contestants.

Actually, we’ve already seen plenty of bigoted contestants on the series. The only new risk on a trans star’s season would be chasers.