Bachelor in Paradise Recap: Who Went Boom, Boom, WOW?

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Note to all men around the world:

You may wanna celebrate all future birthdays around Demi Burnett.

As evidenced by Monday night's brand new episode of Bachelor in Paradise, this reality star really knows how to make one feel special.

bip peeps

Kenny Braasch discovered this the enjoyable on the installment after Mari Pepin told him that she wanted to burgeoning couple to see other people.

Mari then confided in Demi about this conversation, prompting Burnett to immediately set her sights on the male contestant who showed up for this season without any clothes on.

"Uh, sorry, I'm going for your man. It's my opportunity. That's what we're here for," Demi said in a confessional after hearing Kenny was available, explaining simply:

"Kenny's so sexy. I heard he likes to be naked. I like to be naked. I want to have some fun with that."

demi and kenny

It didn't take long for Demi and Kenny to start talking... and then making out... with Mari a very short distance away.

Cut to a group bonfire later that evening -- where Demi produced a birthday cake for Kenny and said she felt bad he had to celebrate the occasion during a pandemic.

Everyone (except for Mari) sang the appropriate song to Kenny, which was nice.

But then Demi whisked Kenny away for her own private celebration with him, which we're guessing was even nicer.

kenny kisses demi

Burnett somehow arrange for a pinata for Kenny, who went ahead and smashed it. Only for condoms to come pouring out.

Yup, the two went to the Boom Boom Room.

"Those are the big ones, right?" Kenny asked.

"Oh, my God, you would," Demi replied.

booming in the room

"How many is there?" Kenny asked.

"As many as we need," Demi told him.

You can likely guess where the pair went after this back-and-forth, can't you?

To the Boom Boom Room, where they engaged in a different of back-and-forth, up-and-down, in-and-out... if you know what we mean.

demi confesses

Mari, meanwhile, snatched Kenny's chocolate birthday cake and tossed it in the fire.

She sure showed him, right?!?

Not exactly.

burning the cake

"That cake getting thrown in the fire had no setback on his birthday," Karl Smith said in a confessional.

"Demi pulled him to the Boom Boom Room and gave him a special birthday gift of her own."

The episode then switched to grainy footage from the iconic Boom Boom Room, featuring Kenny and Demi in bed together

So not only did Mari lose Kenny to Burnett this week, she didn't even give herself a chance to bury her sorrows in some delicious cake.

Really tough break for the contestant.

Bachelor in Paradise airs on Monday and Tuesday nights at 8/7c on ABC.

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