Lamar Odom: My Overdose Was a Suicide Attempt!

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Doesn't your heart just break into a million tiny pieces whenever you see Lamar Odom?

Don't you just want to scoop him up -- or scoop him up as much as you can scoop a man who is just under seven feet tall -- and give him a great big hug?

He's messed up in his life, sure, and he's done things that greatly hurt other people.

But addiction is a hell of a disease, and these days, he's trying his hardest to better himself.

He recently spent 35 days in rehab, not because of a relapse, but to continue working on his issues. 

And now he's gone and done another in depth interview for The Doctors, and if you thought he was heartbreaking before, well, just hold onto yourself.

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In this new teaser for the interview, which airs on Tuesday, Lamar touches on the overdose he had in October 2015 that nearly killed him: specifically on the choices he made leading up to it.

"Do I feel ashamed about some of the choices I made?" he asks himself.

"They were despicable."

And then, for the kicker, Lamar reveals "I was basically just committing suicide."

We hope that Lamar really is feeling better these days, and he's able to make peace with everything.

See the upsetting interview footage below:

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