The Bachelor Preview: What Did Corinne Do Now?!?

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Grown men and women are not meant to play in bouncy houses.

These large, inflatable items are intended for kids to jump around in and for parents to grow frustrated by when their kids refuse to come out.

But try telling that to Corinne Olympios!

Nick Viall Speaks

Consider this a warning (The Bachelor spoilers ahead!), but the following sneak peek at Monday's all-new episode of this ABC favorite once again features Olympios doing something to piss off her fellow suitors.

And that something is basically Nick Viall.

She's basically doing Nick Viall.

Not literally, of course.

We know Nick has a lot of sex this season and possibly even impregnates a competitor, but there's no intercourse depicted in the following clip.

Instead, there's just some defiling of a bouncy house.

For some reason, one of these giant items ends up on the property of the mansion, with Corinne wasting little time in pulling Nick inside (inside the bouncy house, that is!)

corinne straddle

They jumped around. They scream like maniacs. They attract the attention of all other women in the house.

And just as the women arrive, wouldn't you know it?!? They find Corinne straddling Nick, planting her mouth on his like she owns it.

The nerve, right?!?

Check out the controversial (and sexy!) clip below and please accept our apology up front:

You may never look at bouncy houses the same way ever again...

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