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He’s on his way to a full recovery, dropping pearls of wisdom here and there.

In a clip from Sunday’s episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians, Lamar Odom learns that Rob Kardashian is marrying Blac Chyna.

He and Khloe Kardashian talked about it one-on-one.

“I just hope he’s focused,” Lamar said.

“Marriage ain’t easy.”

This made Khloe, who was sporting either cat or devil ear buns, smile.

“It’s not?” a bemused Khloe asked.

“Your marriage wasn’t easy?”

Lamar didn’t answer.  He just stared off into the distance, knowing full well that responding to the snarky question would be disastrous.

Radar Online claims that despite a second round of divorce proceedings, Khloe and Lamar are hooking up.

“It is no secret to Khloe’s sisters and immediate family that she and Lamar still have sex,” a source told the tabloid.

“Khloe may try to act innocent, but everyone who knows her knows that is not the case!”

Lamar refuses to move forward with proceedings, because he knows Khloe is so hot and cold with their relationship.

“Lamar will not sign those divorce papers now because Khloe cannot make up her mind," the source claimed.

Once she filed, Khloe tweeted some musings about parting ways with Lamar.

"It’s okay to move on from them but you could still love them from a distance," she wrote.

"If people are destructive to you emotionally, that doesn’t mean you can still love them."

Odom allegedly cheated on Khloe and used drugs during their four-year marriage.  

Khloe put initial divorce proceedings on hold while she took care of Lamar after his near-fatal overdose in October 2015.

Despite the rumor that they are hooking up, Khloe has been adamant that she and Lamar have not been romantic since she first filed in December 2013.

Watch the video below to see the former couple’s interaction.