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She crushed it!

No one will ever be able to top Whitney Houston’s national anthem performance at the Super Bowl in 1991, considering the legendary singer honored her country during actual war time.

So we cannot come out and say that Lady Gaga put on the best Star-Spangled Banner performance of all-time at Super Bowl 50.

But one of the best? There can really be no debate.

The Golden Globe winner decked herself out in a glittering red suit, rocked shiny red eye shadow and some lovely blue nails.

But then she opened her mouth and proved that she’s far more than some attention-getting star who once wore a meat dress to the MTV Video Music Awards.

She has vocal range. She has a sense of the moment. And she clearly has a love of her country.

It wasn’t just us, right? Lady Gaga definitely appeared to tear up toward the end of her performance, didn’t she?

See it again or watch it for the first time below and then sound off:

Where does this rank among all-time Super Bowl performances? It has to be right near the top, doesn’t it?

And we can start a petition right now to have Lady Gaga serve as the Super Bowl 51 halftime act? Pretty please?