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They say that all publicity is good publicity.

If this is really the case, then Mountain Dew must be feeling very good about itself this morning.

The soda company ran what most consider to have been the strangest commercial of Super Bowl 50, which is saying a lot considering the NFL aired a commercial centered around kids singing about their parents having sex.

But Mountain Dew spent its million of dollars on a spot that introduced the company’s new drink, Kickstart, infusing the nightmares of viewers around the world with the image of a pug… dressed up like a monkey… who is wearing a diaper and who is dressed up like a baby.

We really wish we were making this up.

The drink, which is a combination of Mountain Dew, juice and caffeine, is pretty much the equivalent of Four Loko without the alcohol.

And we suppose we have to hand it to Mountain Dew in some way here:

The brand didn’t try to be especially cute or creative in any way. It simply aimed for shock value and it succeeded.

Heck, everyone is talking about this commercial the day after Peyton Manning and company defeated the Carolina Panthers. So that’s pretty much a win, right?

Not according to Patton Oswalt, however, whose Tweet may have actually won Super Bowl 50:

That puppy monkey baby is already being used in ISIS recruiting videos.

Check out the controversial ad now: