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Kylie Jenner might say that her favorite sister is Khloe, but in terms of her demeanor (and appearance, and hunger for fame), she’s much more like Kim.

Both Kim and Kylie have the flat affect of a heavily-Xanaxed Ben Carson, so we’re always a little shocked on those rare occasions when one of them loses their temper.

We’ve seen Kylie get mad in the past, but for the most part, she’s pretty mellow.

We suppose being born into a life of unimaginable wealth, fame and privilege will have that effect on a young woman.

Anyway, despite the fact that she’s remained chill throughout everything from her boyfriend publicly cheating on her to her brother dating her arch nemesis, Kylie definitely has her triggers – and it seems unwanted touching is a big one.

The clip below shows Kylie walking into LA hotspot Craig’s and being swarmed by paparazzi, as usual.

But it’s not the paps that light Kylie’s fuse.

Rather, it’s some aggressive young fans who will stop at nothing to get a selfie with the 18-year-old Instagram queen.

Eventually, Kylie turns and snaps at the fans, and she’s getting some flak for her actions online today, but we understand where she’s coming from.

Laying your hands on someone without their permission is never cool – a lesson that these girls just learned the hard way.

And hey, they walked away with something better than a selfie – an awesome story.