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The Taylor Swift versus Apple Music feud is officially over.

The singer was widely praised last year after she wrote an open letter criticizing Apple for not paying musicians appropriately for their Apple Music contributions.

Within hours of this letter going public, the company changed its policy. Because how could they not? This was Taylor Swift.

Fast forward several months and Swift is now starring in a funny new ad for Apple Music.

It features the beloved artist, clad in gym clothes, saying that she hates doing cardio.

But she then chooses Drake and Future’s “Jumpman” from a GymFlow play list and starts doing a pretty terrific rap along to the track.

It’s not easy to rap and run, however. This is made evident when Swift falls flat on her face. OUCH!

Distractingly good, Apple says of its Music in the subsequent tagline.

In Tweeting the video to fans, Swift made it appear as if fiction mixed with real life as inspiration for the ad.

“Based on true events. #TAYLORvsTREADMILL," she wrote.

Check out the humorus commercial now: