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As we’ve been learning on Kylie Jenner’s new show, Life of Kylie, it’s not easy being a super hot, super famous 20-year-old woman who also happens to be a literal millionaire.

It’s actually really, really hard — not that you’d understand.

Life of Kylie Interview Pic

Because, see, even though Kylie doesn’t have to worry about money, probably for the rest of her whole entire life, and even though she owns multiple mansions and has none of the worries that the vast, vast majority of the world’s population deal with on a daily basis …

Sorry, where were we?

Let’s try again.

Even though Kylie is privileged beyond most people’s wildest dreams, she still has problems.

For instance, she has to deal with people talking about her selfies and her relationships, and she’s, like, the biggest outcast.

She didn’t even get to go to prom, guys. This girl’s had a tough life, and that’s undeniable.

Kylie Jenner in a Skimpy Black Top

And now, thanks to this sneak peek for the new episode of Life of Kylie, we’re learning about yet another struggle she’s facing …

The struggle of what kind of hairstyle she wants her stylists to give her.

"Honestly, like, guys, I don’t want to disappoint anybody, but I just want my hair long and black and pretty," she whines to her team.

Since she knows this is going to be such a blow to these people, she tries to compromise, telling them that she can try on wigs on Fridays for photos.

"I don’t want to be a weirdo," she laments. "I don’t want to pull up with purple hair. I’m over it."

Then, in a voiceover, Kylie explains that she’s always tried "to be different" and to "do new things."

Kylie Jenner Sneak Peek Silhouette

As we all know, she was the first person ever to dye her hair unnatural colors — as she says, "not everyone was dyeing their hair blue or green" when she started the trend.

Then, back with her stylists, she complains that "I’m over keeping up with this lifestyle of crazy hair and wigs and sh-t!"

Poor, poor Kylie.

Her makeup artist suggests that she makes a move to a more natural look, and she agrees, and even adds "With my tits out!’

Whose idea was it to give Kylie her own show? Because all she’s doing so far is boring viewers to death and making herself look bad.

Watch Kylie’s latest pity party in the video below: