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The romance between Austen Kroll and Madison LeCroy is very much over.

But the drama? The conflict? The ugliness between these exes?

It’s far from finished, that was made clear on part two of the Southern Charm reunion special on Thursday night.

Austen Kroll, lecroy

For his part, Kroll said he didn’t even realize the toxic nature of his relationship with LeCroy until he watched it play out on air over the past several weeks.

And now that he’s done so?

"My heart just broke over and over again," he said on stage.

"I saw what all my friends have been telling me for years: she does not f–king care about me and she never f–king has."

Can’t get much more straightforward than that, can you?

Kroll grew especially emotional thinking back some of the cruel words Madison used against him during the season… including the trashing of his work ethic, referring to him as a "bitch" — and accusing him of not being ready to be a stepdad to her 8-year-old son, Hudson.

Ouch times a milliion, huh?

"How she treats me and talking about me is so f–king bad," Austen said, holding back tears. "I am f–king done. I’m f–king- done with this human."

Madison LeCroy and Austen Kroll

LeCroy was dragged hard on part one of this same reunion, too.

Craig Conover claimed she had cheated on Kroll with a former professional baseball player, slamming his polarizing co-star as a "homewrecker" because he said this player was married.

In the days since, speculation has run rampant that this athlete is none other than Alex Rodriguez.

LeCroy has admiitted to having some sort of relationship with A-Rod, but has sworn it never got "physical."

Turning his attention to Madison on the reunion this week, Kroll beat around nary a single bushh.

"I can’t even look at you. You are a monster to me," he said.

"You’re a great actor," Madison fired back.

Earlier in the episode, Madison’s love life came under extreme fire, with both lroll and Conover accusing her of seeing multiple men … at once.

Host Andy Cohen then asked why Austen still cared about who Madison was seeing if the two were broken up and Kroll made it clear that the pair hadn’t completely gone their separate ways.

"She’s still f–king with me as hard as she possibly can," alleged Austen.

Kroll proceeded on to accuse LeCroy of having a fling with former NFL star Jay Cutler just to get back at him for befriending Jay’s ex-wife, Kristin Cavallari.

"That’s the vindictiveness she has," said Austen. "It’s all revenge."

This is when LeCroy handed Cohen her phone (above) and happily exposed her texts to Cutler for all to see, in an attempt to prove the former quarterback was the one pursuing her.

"Don’t be mad about it," said LeCroy.

In an interview with Page Six a few days ago, meanwhile, Madison claimed she had "spoken on the phone" with Rodriguez.

But she called these interactions "innocent" and emphasized that the frequent steroid user was "just an acquaintance."

Madison LeCroy on Southern Charm

Madison also claimed that Alex — who is, of course, engaged to Jennifer Lopez — has "never physically cheated on his fiancée with me," claiming that she has spoken with him "randomly, but not consistent."

A-Rod himself has remained silent on this scandal.

But an insider told People Magazine:

"It’s a B.S. story. Alex has never met her."