Kris Jenner Sobs, Laments Loss of Precious Nine-Figure Media Empire

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Keeping Up With The Kardashians' final season is nearly here, and Kim isn't the only one in tears.

In a new sneak peek clip, Kris Jenner is speaking to two very famous friends: Kyle Richards and Faye Resnick.

The conversation takes a turn for the worst, and Kris Jenner breaks down into tears.

It's always difficult to say goodbye.

kuwtk s20 sneak peek - kris cries 01

At the beginning of the clip, Kris sits down with Kyle and Faye.

She tells them that she's trying to be "out here a little bit, because it's just so relaxing."

Despite being "so sick and tired of everything going on in L.A.," Kris said that she "needed her girls" that night.

kuwtk s20 sneak peek - kris cries 02

This is when Corey breaks into the conversation to get to the root of the problem.

He tells Kyle and Faye that Kris has been feeling "down."

The reason? Her show is ending, and he hopes that the two of them can talk to her about it.

kuwtk s20 sneak peek - kris cries 03

Kyle invites Kris to express exactly how she is feeling about everything.

This is when the legendary momager begins to break down into tears.

"It's hard," Kris confesses while wiping away the tears that have fallen.

kuwtk s20 sneak peek - kris cries 04

Kris laments: "It's just hard to think about the end."

She dabs her tears with a cloth.

Fortunately, she is surrounded by friends.

kuwtk s20 sneak peek - kris cries 05

At this point, Faye asks Kris "why would you stop" after all that the show has been.

Kris is the first to admit that this wasn't an easy choice.

"It is complicated," she admits.

kuwtk s20 sneak peek - kris cries 06

"It's all these different personalities," Kris describes of the family, friends, and crew.

"And," she continues, "people and kids and grandkids and everybody."

Kris says that they've all been asking "thinking, 'What's the right thing for everybody?' and 'When's the right moment?'"

kuwtk s20 sneak peek - kris cries 07

"It's been incredibly challenging," Kris affirms to her friends.

She describes this decision to end things after 20 seasons as "incredibly hard."

And Kris acknowledges that this is not just about her.

kuwtk s20 sneak peek - kris cries 08

Kris claims that it's difficult to say goodbye to the crew.

She correctly notes that they have all been around her since the landmark reality series premiered in 2007.

Of course, that hasn't stopped reports that Kris treated some producers like lesser beings unfit to sit on her furniture, but that's neither here no there.

kuwtk s20 sneak peek - kris cries 09

"Everybody in this room is my family," Kris insists to her friends.

"They're day one, season one," she notes.

Kris describes: "Every single thing we've done, we've done together."

kuwtk s20 sneak peek - kris cries 10

Kris lists: "Whether it's a vacation, a birth, a marriage, a divorce."

She explains that "everything has been so public. It's part of our life. This is our life."

"Telling the crew was the hardest thing I've ever done in my whole life," Kris alleges.

kuwtk s20 sneak peek - kris cries 11

"We love each other so much," Kris claims.

With a tinge of regret, she says: "You don't appreciate what's right in front of you all the time."

Kris even breaks the fourth wall to turn to the crew and say: "I appreciate all you guys, just for the record."

kuwtk s20 sneak peek - kris cries 12

As for the decision to end it, Kris says that it was the right one.

"It's about everybody deciding at the same time that maybe this is the moment," she explains.

Kris says that this is the moment "where you take a minute and stop Keeping Up with the Kardashians."

kuwtk s20 sneak peek - kris cries 13

Kris continues: "but it's been the most amazing chapter of my life."

"We are going to have more fun," Kris adds.

"We're going to have more time for one another," she concludes. "But wow, it's been such a ride."

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