Kourtney Kardashian: This Bish Stole $5,200 and Hacked Me!!

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Keeping Up With The Kardashians has revealed that someone has been stealing from Kourtney to the tune of over $5,000 and an iPad.

She also discovered that this person whom she had trusted had accessed her electronics, including her texts.

On Sunday, we saw the dramatic moment when Kourtney went to confront this thief in her own home.

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"This lady stole $700 out of my wallet," Kourtney complained on Sunday night's Keeping Up With The Kardashians.

"Then," Kourtney describes. "She stole $4,500 out of Scott's."

Remember, even though that may seem like an absurd amount of cash to have on hand, it's not his fault for it being stolen.

She continues: "Then, my security who's here today, just said he's seen her two times with her flashlight on in the office."

Our question at this point is ... did he tell Kourtney both of those times? I don't want to tell a guy how to do his job, but ...

KUWTK Kourt thief drama 02

Like so many of us, Kourt is not enthusiastic about the idea of confronting a thief over something so serious.

"She's never coming here again," Kourtney vows.

"No s--t, Sherlock!" Khloe exclaims.

Kourtney then reveals that she has been told that this thief "also hacked everything."

She expresses her feeling of violation upon this news, saying: "She's looking at my texts?"

KUWTK Kourt thief drama 05

"Stand your ground!" Khloe demands. "This is your home, with your kids!"

She then instructs: "Go downstairs, Kourtney!"

"Go talk to your security!" Khloe forcefully advises. "Why are you texting if somebody's telling you that?"

Probably because, like most people, she's a little rattled and reluctant when it comes to tackling an issue like this.

As Kourtney heads down, Khloe admits: "Wait, I can't wait to hear this! This is so good! This is better than Real Housewives!"

KUWTK Kourt thief drama 03

Naturally, by the time that Kourtney makes it down, a car is speeding away on the street.

(Shoutout to the sound editors who almost certainly had to add that sound effect; it really sold the scene)

"Oh my god," Kourtney says, marveling at the drama of it all, including this last-minute escape.

She contacts Kris. Honestly, calling Kris when you're in a crisis is probably always a good idea.

Then, Kourtney goes upstairs with a laundry list of tasks for Megan on what needs to be done for her security.

KUWTK Kourt thief drama 04

"We need to debug the house," Kourtney notes as Megan takes notes.

"And I want to take every device and unconnect it from my phone," she adds.

"And next time," Kourt says. "We've learned a huge lesson."

"They cannot step foot in here for an interview without us having their social [security number], name, and address," she affirms.

That is very smart. People are less likely to steal from you when you know exactly who they are.

KUWTK Kourt thief drama 06

Honestly, shoutout to Megan, who -- as far as the show has shown us -- was the one who discovered the missing cash.

It is also believed that the thief stole Kourtney's iPad, which is how she would have accessed everything else.

Some people are deeply suspicious of cleaning ladies and nannies to the point where they "test" these people.

While it's great to hear that Kourtney does not fixate on suspecting her employees at all times, it's good that she's now being careful.

Money is one thing (to her and Scott, anyway). Her kids and her electronic privacy are another.

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