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We are off and running on I Am Cait.

While viewer response to I Am Cait Season 1 Episode 1 was mostly very positive, and while series star Caitlyn Jenner carried herself very well on the premiere Sunday night, it appears as if one person has a slight issue with how Caitlyn is handling her newfound body and fame:

Kim Kardashian.

E! has come out with a preview that looks ahead to future episodes and one scene stands out.

It finds Kim confronting her step-father, saying she looks amazing and that it’s her "time," but also making a request/issuing a complaint:

She tells Caitlyn that she need not "bash" her family members on her way to the top.

A recent report alleged that Kardashian is exploiting Jenner for publicity, only appearing on I Am Cait in order to further her own agenda and remain in the news.

That may be possible, but allow us to actually defend Kim Kardashian for a change: she has been nothing but open and supportive of Caitlyn in every interview she has given since Jenner’s transformation.