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We think it’s fair to say that Kim Kardashian has had a rough six months.

As previously reported, the Keeping Up with the Kardashians star was robbed and held at gunpoint in Paris last October. 

It was a horrible thing to happen, and the reality TV personality has only just started returning to the spotlight. However, she’s still scarred emotionally by the events that transpired. 

Kim Kardashian Gets Emotional

In a new sneak peek from this Sunday’s episode of the E! series, Kim opens up to Kris Jenner and Kourtney Kardashian about her husband, Kanye West returning home. 

Sounds pretty tame. Right?

Well, it turned out Kanye was in concert and returned home in the dead of night, giving her quite the fright. 

"I totally freaked out," Kim admitted.

"He always comes up the back stairs. Like, I always know he comes out the stairs that go into my room. But he came up the front stairs, and all I heard were his feet stomping upstairs."

Kim on Keeping Up

"Like, at three in the morning, he came in, and that’s the same time the robbery happened. After a concert, he can’t hear that well, so I’m going, ‘Hello, hello!’ Like, exactly what I did and he’s not responding to me ’cause he can’t hear me," she added.

"And then he walks in, and I’m like, ‘Hello, a**hole.’"

When you think about it, it sounds pretty hilarious, but it must have been genuinely terrifying for her. The odd thing about all of this was that Kanye was apparently not touring when this occurred, so why was he in concert?

Kanye West and Kim Kardashian, In Happier Times

Is this yet another example of the fakery that goes on behind the scenes?

We’ll need to tune in to find out how it all plays out on Sunday. 

Have a look at the sneak peek below.