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Can you believe it’s been eight months now since Kim Kardashian was robbed at gunpoint in Paris?

Two men forced their way into her apartment, tied her up, shoved a gun in her face, and stole just so, so much jewelry.

Kim Kardashian at the Upfronts

The event was extremely traumatizing for her, and understandably so — it sounds absolutely terrifying.

But, as she reveals in a new sneak peek for tonight’s season finale of Keeping Up with the Kardashians, she’s so traumatized that she may never go back to Paris.


In the clip, Kim sits down for a dinner in New York with friends La La Anthony, Jonathan Cheban, and Simon Huck.

After taking out her "grills" and her fake lip ring, she explains that she has to go to court the next day to testify again.

"I think they’re going to ask me to, like, say the whole thing again, like what happened," she says.

La La asks what it’s like for her to go through the story again and again, if it’s hard every time or if it’s easier at this point.

"I think I’ve said it a lot," Kim answers, "and I’ve, like, relived it so much in therapy that I’ll be OK."

"I mean, I don’t know, if they start asking me certain questions, maybe it’ll trigger something and I’ll get emotional, but it’s nothing that I can’t get through."

Simon asks her if she’s going to go back to Paris, but she says that she’s not planning on going anytime soon.

Kim Kardashian in Gold Dress

He suggest she might go back in "a couple years," but she says it’ll be more like "five, six, seven, ten years."

"I don’t want to go anytime soon," she insists when her friends seem shocked.

"North has pajamas with the Eiffel Tower all over it," she says, "and she goes ‘Mommy, you like to go to Paris, right?’"

"And I was like ‘yeah,’ she was like ‘Are you gonna take me?’ And I was like ‘You’ve been there before. We’ll go one day.’"

Kim says that it would be "so hard" to back to Paris, but "I will do it for her."

Check out Kim’s heartbreaking conversation in the video below: