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Last season of Keeping Up With The Kardashians followed Khloe’s quest for Tristan Thompson’s sperm despite his cheating.

Tristan yielded his seed and, in exchange, is receiving something from Khloe’s family: forgiveness.

Kim Kardashian Discusses Her Plans

Keeping Up With The Kardashians will return for its 18th season in September – which will be here before we know it.

In this sneak peek, Scott and Kim hold a conversation over a game of sportsball (research tells me that this is basketball).

First on the planned conversation docket is Kim’s zeal for visiting Armenia.

Photo via Instagram

She, like all of her family, is of Armenian descent.

Kim was previously in Armenia for the 100th anniversary of the Armenian genocide.

The Armenian genocide was the systematic murder of 1.5 million Armenians by Turkey, an act that Turkey continues to deny.

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On that visit, the president was unavailable.

Now, five years later, Armenia has a new president, and Kim is making plans to sit down to dinner with him.

Scott is of course sure to point out how extraordinary it is to visit other countries and, almost casually, dine with a head of state.

Kim With North and Saint

He’s right, and Kim acknowledges that.

She also plans to have her children baptised in Armenia.

The significance there is likely less theological and more sentimental, as Armenia is one of their ethnic places of origin.

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But President Armen Sarkissian is not the only man with whom Kimberly has made dinner plans of late.

She had recently been spotted having an impromptu dinner with none other than Tristan Thompson.

Tristan Thompson Stairs

Tristan, who cheated on Khloe with an unknown number of women across two major cheating scandals, should by all rights be on her s–t list.

But, as Kim and Scott discuss, they think that it’s important to emphasize that he is still family.

"He’s, like, honestly so nice," Kim praises of the seemingly unrepentant cheater who humiliated her sister.

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Curiously, Scott clearly agrees with his assessment of the NBA player who once dated and impregnated Khloe.

"He made mistakes," the self-styled lord acknowledges.

"But," Scott opines, "I feel like he’s trying really hard."

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"He’s really trying really hard," Kim expresses, echoing the sentiment of her quasi-brother-in-law.

She also believes that people can change – or at least that’s what the cue cards say.

"And," she suggests, "it’s been a full year of him as a different person."

Kim Kardashian Speaks Freely

These episodes were filmed early this year, with the season’s final episode being filmed under lockdown for the COVID-19 pandemic.

"To be in that place," Scott begins to express, "and feel like everybody in the family that he just had a kid with hates him."

Scott continues, opining that that "would be, like, a horrible feeling."

Kim Kardashian with a Pucker

Disick has made some mistakes of his own – a ton of them – yet no one questions his presence within the family.

"No matter what, he’s still within the family."

Previously, Kim has been seen discussing her decision to invite Tristan to a family dinner in September.

Tristan Thompson Goes Up

"I don’t think what Tristan did was obviously right,” Kim affirmed, admitting she was pissed off about his cheating too.

She affirmed: “I brutalized him."

"But I also know that that’s True’s dad," Kim reflected. "Mom cheated on Dad, and all of their friends forgave mom."

Kim & Kris Selfie

"I think what you’re doing is a nice thing," Khloe marveled at the time.

She added: "It’s beyond generous of you to invite him.”

Kim, at the time, responded: “I think forgiveness is the best way."

Well, that is certainly one approach to things.