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Khloe Kardashian is obsessed with baby True. Kylie Jenner wants 4 kids before she turns 30. Both are great moms.

But motherhood is tough, and Khloe is admitting to her struggles with breastfeeding. Kylie just opted out of breastfeeding altogether.

"I felt so … like I’d failed," Khloe recalls of the first time that she had to give True formula alongside breast milk on her doctor’s recommendation.

She describes having really struggled with breastfeeding, particularly as she worked on losing weight to get her "post baby body."

As Khloe talks about the misplaced sense of guilt that she experienced, Kourtney brings up the role of stress in milk production.

She’s clearly angling at Tristan Thompson’s then fresh cheating scandal, but Khloe has another conversation in mind.

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Khloe does acknowledge that she felt very alone at the time — she was in Cleveland, after all.

She then confesses: "I swear, I felt like I was smuggling drugs by buying formula."

Khloe recalls asking herself: "Why do I care if people know that I’m formula-feeding?"

The answer, of course, was powerful stigma against formula over breastmilk, stigma that is even more powerful among "clean eating" culture.

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"How did you know which formula to buy?" Kourtney asks. This feels like a prepared question.

"I think I asked Kim," Khloe recalls. "And I knew Kylie wasn’t going to breastfeed."

At this point, the camera cuts very conspicuously. It looks like the sisters exchanged some words that they opted to not share with viewers.

"[Kylie not breastfeeding] was her choice from the start," Khloe states.

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Khloe reveals that Kylie found "HiPP," a baby formula from Germany.

The way that Khloe says that this brand had the best reviews and that she asked her doctors almost sounds rehearsed. It could be true, though.

She also reveals that baby True had acid reflux, which is miserable at any age but especially for a sweet little baby.

Apparently, the formula helped.

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Khloe also praises her doctor for not reinforcing formula-related stigma and instead affirming Khloe’s use of it.

Again, your baby absolutely must eat.

In fact, Khloe admits that she felt unsafe and insecure when she was only breastfeeding.

Her worry was that True was not getting enough nutrition, even though she tried and tried to nurse to the point where her nipples bled.

Kylie Jenner and Stormi Webster, Christmas 2019
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Now, Khloe does not explain why exactly Kylie opted from the beginning to not breastfeed Stormi.

It is possible that it was a cosmetic concern. Breastfeeding can not only be painful, but it can warm and extend the nipples.

Kylie may have been on some medication (we wouldn’t care to speculate) that could be passed through breastmilk.

Or maybe she wanted for any of her hired caretakers to be able to feed Stormi. Maybe it was a sensory thing. That’s her business.

Khloe Kardashian and True on Christmas 2018
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The important point that Khloe makes is that not being able to breastfeed in the way that she had hoped does not make her a bad mom.

(Similarly, plenty of terrible moms probably had no trouble breastfeeding)

Khloe being "bad at" breastfeeding" is just not the same thing as being bad at motherhood.

Now, she can say with confidence that she’s a great mom.