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The aftermath of Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna’s engagement announcement has been rather uneventful.

In the past week since we learned of the couple’s happy news, not a single one of Rob’s family has offered him congratulations on his upcoming nuptials.

Yesterday, Rob shared a video of sister Kim Kardashian sobbing to him about needing to "talk," but it was all in jest.

His mom, Kris Jenner, icily told paparazzi to stop asking "stupid questions" when she was probed about her thoughts on the engagement.

And now there’s Khloe, who was previously thought of as the sibling closest to Rob. That is, until she allegedly threw him out of her house after catching him and Blac there partying.

Khloe has still not mentioned anything about her brother’s news, but yesterday she took to Instagram and posted a throwback video of Rob and Kim fighting.

In the vid, Kim calls Rob a "dick" with no manners, and Rob throws it back by telling Kim she’s a "whore" with no manners.

Ah, sibling love.

"MOOD!!!" Khloe wrote in the caption. "I wish all fights were like this! What were they even fighting about?"

Is she in a fightin’ mood? Is it over Rob? Does she think her brother’s a dick with no manners?

As per usual, she did not elaborate, but it’s an odd choice to post right after we learn of Rob’s marriage plans, especially since Khloe hasn’t said boo on the topic to date.

We’ll just mark this down as shade until further reports.