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Kendrick Lamar made quite a statement at the 2016 Grammy Awards.

The superstar, who was nominated in 11 categories and who took home the trophy for Best Rap Album, came out on stage in chains, with four black dancers behind him, for a rendition of "The Blacker the Berry."

The backup dancers infused elements of African traditional dance into the politically-charged performance, with Lamar concluding via a fury of verses.

At one point, the lights dimmed and a large image of Africa appeared, emblazoned with the word Compton.

It wasn’t exactly subtle.

But it was awfully impressive.

Just how memorable was Lamar’s set?

Adele performed after the rapper and ended her time on stage by saying, "Kendrick, you’re amazing."

Lamar likely gave the best, most impassioned performance of the night, but these others stood out as well:

Click on the links above to relive those moments and then click Play below to see how Kendrick Lamar truly stopped the show.

Prepare to be blown away in 3… 2… 1…