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Lady Gaga once again blew viewers away with her appearance at the 2016 Grammy Awards.

But this time she had an admirable reason for dressing in eccentric garb.

The singer performed a medley of hits in honor of David Bowie, whose passing shocked the music world last month.

Heavy on computer graphics, holography and live video processing, the performed open with a snippet from “Space Oddity,” Gaga’s face melting right in front of us on screen.

The Golden Globe winner then went into "Changes" before moving on to "Ziggy Stardust" and "Suffragette City."

When Gaga reached "Rebel Rebel," she disappeared behind a screen and yielded to a warped projection.

Gaga, who is still earning praise for her Super Bowl national anthem, proceeded to share the stage with dancers for "Fashion" and "Fame," and she also performed "Let’s Dance" with Nile Rodgers over three decades since he helped write it.

The superstar closed the segment with an energetic, fleshed-out arrangement of "Heroes" and earned a very well-deserved standing ovation for her effort.

It was really pretty incredible, befitting of Bowie’s legacy to be sure.

Check out the nine-song set below and join us in both mourning David Bowie will also applauding Lady Gaga.