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Poor Kendra Wilkinson.

The latest season of Marriage Boot Camp has claimed to focus on a number of celebrity couples whose relationship is in trouble, but each episode has really just come down to Kendra going nuts.

On the premiere, she screamed at her mother, telling the woman who brought her into this world that the Devil has eaten her soul.

Later, after a damaging audiotape was made public, Kendra cursed off her husband.

Now, in footage that will air on June 19, 2015, Wilkinson actually defends Hank Baskett after fellow cast member Tami Roman grills Hank about his alleged infidelity.

"Don’t touch my f–king husband!” Kendra yells at Tami, later adding that she is “that bitch” who dares to cross Tami, adding:

"You will be apologizing very soon!"

You’re gonna want to watch Marriage Boot Camp online many times after this episode airs. It features some top notch acting by Wilkinson.