Kendall Jenner: The Second I Turned 18, Every Modeling Gig Was Topless

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We all know that Kendall Jenner is no stranger to nudity. But the world-famous supermodel was not always so experienced at baring all.

In fact, Kendall now says that the instant that she turned 18, the modeling industry demanded that she start going topless.

Kendall Is Naked Again

As you'll see in this clip, it starts with Tracee Ellis speaking about her modeling history to the charming and beloved Harry Styles.

Tracee of course is a modeling legend, and recalls being so nervous for one of her most iconic runways.

She was so anxious about not wearing an actual top, because she was certain that her mother would disapprove.

Frantic and panicking, she went to the supermodel whom she knew -- Naomie Campbell.

Kendall Jenner is Not the Crazy One

When Tracee confessed her dilemma to Naomie, she received a simple answer: "Are you a model or are you a model?"

With that simplified way of viewing the world, she did her job.

At the end of the runway, she did a bit of a shimmy -- embracing what she had done.

That's how modeling legends are born. Well, sometimes. Not everyone has to shimmy.

Kendall Jenner Nude Pic

Kendall Jenner was of course delighted to hear this piece of modeling history firsthand.

She can relate to being pressured to go topless on the runway.

"I mean, yeah," Kendall chimes in after Harry asks about her own experiences. "My boobs were out the first show I ever did."

She even notes that it appears that the industry was waiting with bated breath until it was legal to require her to whip out her tatas.

Kendall Jenner Stands and Poses

"I'd just turned 18," Kendall recalls, snapping her finger for emphasis. "And they wre like, 'Take the shirt off.'"

Tracee explains that this is more or less industry standard in the modeling world, where rapid clothes-changing is important.

"You're just naked backstage," she tells Harry. "It's so exciting.

Harry blurts out: "Modeling sounds fun!"

Kendall Jenner Lounges With Her Dog

It's kind of funny to hear one of the most universally desired men in the world joke about how it would be fun to be backstage.

If Harry Styles wants a bunch of attractive women to prance around him wearing ittle to nothing, he only needs to ask.

But it's a cute bit of commentary for a young male temporary interviewer to make.

If he were considerably older (and not Kendall's rumored ex), it could have come across as exceptionally creepy.

Kendall Jenner Nude Pic

But we have no fear that Harry will grow into a Donald Trump and barge into the dressing rooms of teenage girls. Harry's no monster.

You know what is kind of creepy, though?

The way that it seems pretty clear that the modeling industry was all but counting down the days until Kendall turned 18.

That sounds like what creepy 22-year-olds whose only friends are high school girls do. It also reminds us of Drake. It's not great.

Kendall Jenner Posts Mirror Belfie

Part of it is just practical. Some jobs, like acting, modeling, and most types of sex work, require people to take off some of their clothes.

Minors need special considerations (and of course to never participate in any form of sex work) within these fields of work.

We absolutely understand that adult models don't always wear that much clothing. It'd be kind of weird if they did.

But maybe there should be some sort of buffer in place between "here's a 17-year-old model" and "oop they turned 18 let's look at their boobs."

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