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On the heels of Keeping Up with the Kardashians wrapping up an emotional and intense season with the total breakdown of Khloe Kardashian – in response to Tristan Thompson cheating on her again  – E! has now released a preview for brand new episodes of this long-running hit.

Yes, it’s already time to start thinking about Keeping Up with the Kardashians Season 17.

How will the family top the drama and theatrics of what we just witnessed?

By shifting the focus to Kourtney Kardashian, it seems.

At least that’s the case in this special first look, which hones in on the clan’s oldest child as she’s about to turn 40.

"Are you happy?" Khloe asks her sibling on the occasion of this milestone nearing, prompting the mother of three to… not really have a sufficient answer.

"I do think that turning 40, it almost makes you analyze like, where you’re at in your life," Kourtney explains. "It’s just giving me anxiety."

Why is this the case?

Because Kourtney apparently shared a similar concern as that of working mothers around the globe.

Photo via E!

Ever since she launched her Poosh lifestyle website, Kourtney says finds herself always wishing "I had more time" to spend with her three children and her other loved ones.

It’s at this point where she breaks down, telling Khloe she feels like she wants to cry, prior to the tears finally shedding from her eyes.

"It gives me anxiety and I don’t know why," Kourtney says. "I have so much and I should just be so happy."

Is she happy overall? Yes, Kourtney thinks so. She really does believe so.

Still, she says here that she far too often asks herself: "What am I doing?"

Kourtney Kardashian is Furious

"I’ll just do stupid sh-t to distract from really thinking about stuff that is maybe more important," Kourtney says. "I don’t know. But then half of me is like, live your life. Have fun."

To Khloe’s credit, she listens. She tries to understand.

And while she urges Kourtney to do whatever "makes you happy," Khloe doesn’t truly believe her sister’s "soul is happy," adding:

"I think you feel incomplete somewhere."

Kourtney Kardashian with the Confession

Could it be because Kourtney isn’t married?

Because she’s missing Scott Disick in her life and in her bed?

Maybe. This is always a possibility when it comes to her and Scott.

E! has not yet announced a return date for Keeping Up with the Kardashians, but this is your chance to get your first look at all the scripted action to come.