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Oh, Katie Holmes. You really are a cutie pie, but you ain’t no Beyonce.

The actress stopped by The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon on Tuesday, where she professed her love for Queen Bey and attempted to emulate the singer’s much talked-about Super Bowl moves.

We’d say "don’t quit your day job, Katie," but these days, we’re not exactly sure what that is.

We kid! (Kinda.)

The Dawson’s Creek alum actually made a solid effort channeling her inner Bey, but let’s face it, there’s only one queen.

At one point, Jimmy got in on the action and the two executed a little shimmy and shake together, resulting in heads shaking everywhere except perhaps the home of Rudy Giuliani, who likely thought it was good, "wholesome" entertainment

Katie confessed that she skipped watching the Super Bowl to attend a cooking class with her daughter, Suri, but made a point to stop by a friend’s apartment just before halftime in order to catch Beyonce do her thing.

Unfortunately, Katie did not address her alleged "secret" wedding and "secret" baby with Jamie Foxx, who she has been rumored to be dating for two years.

It’s too bad. Jamie Foxx is no slouch of a dancer himself – maybe he could’ve shown Katie a thing or two.