Kate Gosselin Claims She's Totally Cool With Hannah Hating Her

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It can't be easy for a monstrous control-freak like Kate Gosselin to lose control, but at least she's profiting from her eldest kids going to college.

In this clip from Kate Plus 8, the nightmare mom is forced to address Hannah's conspicuous absence.

Kate claims to be sad yet supportive of Hannah deliberately missing family trips.

Kate Gosselin producer question Hannah absence

"She’s with her dad [Jon Gosselin]," Kate admits about Hannah.

"And," she continues. "She was not able to come,”

“And that’s sad," Kate adds, as if remembering to emote.

She notes: "That’s the second trip here, actually, for us that she hasn’t been with us."

Also, is it just us, or is Kate's accent extra weird lately? Maybe it's just us.

Kate Gosselin "that's sad

"Hannah … it was sad for us because … you know, they’re getting older," Kate continues.

This time, she's speaking privately to the camera.

"And they’re making different choices," she says of her children.

For someone with Kate's obvious need for control, that must be maddening.

"And," Kate observes. "They’re doing different things."

In the case of Hannah and Collin, they're breathing free air for the first time in their lives.

Kate Gosselin plus confessional

Kate continues, speaking of Hannah in particular.

"And she opted to stay back with her dad, actually," she admits, knowing that there is little point in denying the widely publicized truth.

"Which again," Kate grudgingly acknowledges. "You know, her choice."

"Whatever," she says dismissively. "It’s not optimal for Mom."

But, contrary to Kate's way of thinking, it's extremely healthy for Hannah to be out of a toxic household.

Jon Gosselin and Hannah Gosselin, First Day of High School

Kate is still trying to portray herself in a positive light rather than someone from whom not one but two children have fled as soon as they had a choice.

"But it’s something that I support," she says.

Well, to be fair, Kate has not tried to fight Jon's custody in court. That makes sense -- usually, teen children have a lot of say in which parent gets custody.

"And you know," Kate continues. "We just, adjust and move on."

Well, that was pretty diplomatically phrased, for Kate. She's always nicer on camera than reports describe her being when she thinks she's not being watched.

Kate Gosselin Looks Upset

An insider recently spoke to Life & Style on the subject.

"Kate is trying to be supportive of the situation," the insider claims.

"But the truth is," the source says. "She hates that Hannah chose Jon over her."

It turns out that treating your children like human beings pays off later -- a lesson she learned too late, if at all.

"The problem is that the kids are getting older," the insider characterizes. "And they’re starting to ask questions."

Jon Gosselin and Just 2 Kids

"Some are still Team Mom," the source reveals.

That's normal. You live under somebody's thumb long enough, be they parent or kidnapper, some people are going to feel loyal to them.

it's a survival mechanism, and it's not their fault. It happens all of the time with abused children like the Gosselins.

"But," the insider shares. "Team Dad is growing."

"It’s a very divided household," the source concludes.

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