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Every now and then, Kanye West sheds his tough exterior and does something so sweet you forget about his ridiculous antics of the past.

Today is one of those days.

This morning, his wife Kim Kardashian woke up to the mellifluous sounds of an orchestra playing in her living room.

Naturally, she captured the serenade on Snapchat and shared it with her followers.

Photo via Snapchat

"Mother’s Day Surprise in my living room!" she wrote as a caption.

An assistant (or someone) filmed Kim holding daughter North West as they took it all in from the second-floor balcony (video below).

The string orchestra played "Let It Go" from Frozen plus "Tomorrow" and "It’s a Hard Knock Life" from the musical Annie.

Kim confirmed that the songs were selected by North, who appeared mesmerized by the performance.

We don’t know how the couple’s infant son Saint West reacted. 

While Kim has been liberally sharing snaps of North, she’s mostly kept Saint off social media save for a couple cute pics.

The mom of two also received a bench full of pink flowers for the occasion.

We imagine Kanye will also do all the cooking, cleaning and diaper changing on this day, to give Kim a much-needed break.


As if Kim ever did any of those things.

On Easter, Kanye dressed up as a giant white bunny to entertain the children during a family gathering.

We admit, it was kind of adorable.

Keep showing us this kinder, gentler side, Kanye. Leave the ruder, jackassier side in the past.