Kaley Cuoco Bares Midriff, Lip Syncs to Britney Spears: WATCH!

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It's hard to imagine now, but there was a time when Britney Spears had trouble breaking away from her Disney roots to be taken seriously as a grownup entertainer.

Similarly, Kaley Cuoco is currently struggling to shed her squeaky-clean image and avoid being pigeonholed as a punchline dispenser on a mediocre sitcom.

Ironically, both women chose to declare their creative freedom and individuality by performing Britney's 2001 single "Slave 4 U."

Okay, so Kaley didn't quite perform it, so much as she draped a snake over her shoulders and writhed around to the music, but we'll take it.

Kaley busted out her Brit impression on last night's episode of Lip Sync Battle, and needless, the crowd went wild.

We already saw Kaley perform Ludacris' "Move B-tch" in a preview for the episode, and the entire competition was even more glorious than we had hoped.

In addition to Kaley working up a sweat, we got to enjoy the sight of Josh Gad taking the lyrics of "I Touch Myself" literally while dressed as Donald Trump,

Not quite as memorable as Kaley working her hips while supporting a giant boa, but pretty amazing in it's own right.

Check out both performances in the clip below:

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