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Did Kaitlyn Bristowe just tip her hand and confirm The Bachelorette spoilers regarding the end of this season of the ABC reality hit?

Interviewed by Access Hollywood, Kaitlyn weighed in on the recent breakup of The Bachelor star Chris Soules and Whitney Bischoff.

Kaitlyn, of course, wanted Prince Farming to "plow the f–k out of my field" any day, but ultimately lost out to Whitney in pursuit of him.

Now that he’s a single man, how will the demise of their love impact Kaitlyn’s pursuit of her own happy ending on The Bachelorette?

[Cue one very long and awkward pause.]

Her non-answer, followed by rambling, vague remarks about how every situation is different, to the Chris question could be very telling.

Bristowe is rumored – SPOILER ALERT – to pick no one on the finale this season, pulling a Brad Womack and leaving the show single.

If that’s true, it already didn’t work out for Kaitlyn on the show, and perhaps she’s finding it difficult to muster up the positive spin now.

We know, she apparently posted The Bachelorette winner on Snapchat a few weekends ago, but can you say classic misdirection?

You be the judge.