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If you watched this week’s episode of Teen Mom 2, then you know that Kailyn Lowry did not have a good time.

Far from it, actually.

She and Javi got into a nasty fight when he showed up at the house a little early and found her with another man.

The man, we’ve heard, was a longtime friend of Kailyn’s who recently became something more, so it wasn’t like she was entertaining random dudes.

But Javi felt like he was being deceived. and so they got into an argument that resulted in a meltdown on the driveway.

Sadly, Kailyn’s kids were present for the fight. And as Jo Rivera sees it, that was not OK.

In this sneak peek of next week’s new episode, we see Jo sitting down with Kailyn to talk about what happened.

He’s understanding, and surprisingly mature, but he’s still firm.

"We’re all adults. We should be acting like adults," he says.

Jo, showing some wisdom — who would have thought?!

He also says that he plans on sitting down with Javi and having a discussion about what went down, so that he can let him know it wasn’t cool.

"This can’t happen with our kids," he tells her. "You can break them. This is like make or break."

Watch Jo give Kailyn some real talk in the video below!